Get to know EFF candidate councillor Busisiswe Harriet Philiso


This time we introduce the prospective ward councillor for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who will be contesting the 2021 local government elections in Rand West City on November 1.

1. Name: Busisiswe Harriet Philiso, 34

Ward: 26. Areas that fall under the ward: Borwa, Hillshaven, Zululwini and Westonaria

2. What are you going to do differently?

“After I get elected by our sober and disgruntled community members, there are issues I’ll put in my heart and put up an indefatigable fight to ameliorate them. I’m willing and I’ll be up for the challenge and I will work hand in hand with our people because I am a black woman who understands that leadership is not office but unity, and working with people every day.”

3. Outside of local council duties, how are you involved in the community?

“I’m involved in the community with almost numerous activities, I assist non-government organisations that are willing to help disadvantaged people. I’m also very active in youth development and recreation in terms of soccer and netball to girls. Currently we are trying to build some foundation that we teach young girls a way to womanhood.”

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