Aberdeen native speaks about witnessing George Floyd’s death


ABERDEEN, Miss. (WTVA) – The death of George Floyd brought nationwide protests and calls for police reform. One eyewitness at the arrest of George Floyd has ties to Monroe County. 

Charles McMillian grew up in Aberdeen but, he was a long way from the farms and fields of his youth the day George Floyd died while being arrested by MMinneapolis police.

Former police officer Derek Chauvin found guilty in the death of George Floyd (center) in Minneapolis in May 2020. | Credit: MGN | Image Source

“It’s not easy,” McMillian said. “Because of what I went through, its real hard.”

On May 25 2020, McMillian was leaving work when he stumbled across George Floyd and police.

“I knew something bad was going to happen the minute I seen George Floyd car door open,” McMillian said.

In a key testimony McMillian said he encouraged Floyd to cooperate but he felt so helpless as a witness.

“What happened to George Floyd led up to me watching a man getting murdered right in front of me,” McMillian said. 

Even though Derick Chauvin was sentenced to 22 years in prison, McMillian says it still doesn’t seem right in his opinion.

“He took a life for no reason,” McMillian said. “He murdered someone in the broad daylight. I feel he should get what we get, kill a black man get a black man sentence.”

McMillian left Aberdeen in 1979 having only a 3rd grade education. He came back with his son to be with family because he lost his mom 4 years ago. Coming back to town was supposed to be about his mom.

McMillian said he also thought about her the day he testified in court.

“That’s what basically broke me on the witness stand,” McMillian said.” “Him crying out for his mom and there was no help and my mom was fresh on my mind at the time.”

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