Opportunity for partners as customers still can’t find enough open source skills


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After a rough year for everyone, IT hiring at least appears to be trending up again for the first time in months.

Despite a backdrop of uncertainty however, one thing is for sure: open source skills still come at a premium in the current market, according to the latest Open Source Jobs report from the Linux Foundation and EdX.

The global report, published this week, showed that 56 per cent of hiring managers say they plan on hiring open source professionals over the next six months, despite the fact that 93 per cent are still having difficulty finding open source talent, up from 87 per cent two years ago.

“Despite an overall economic downturn, having demonstrated skills in open source technologies remains highly desirable for employers seeking IT professionals for potential hire even during these times of uncertainty,” the report notes.

In response to this open source skills gap, organisations are going further than before in up-skilling their existing employees, with 80 per cent of respondents saying they provide online training courses for employees to learn about open source software, up from just 66 per cent two years ago.

Open source skills clearly encompass an extremely broad set of proficiencies, but the report makes clear that as enterprises and smaller businesses continue to see the value of open source technologies, demand for matching skills should only continue to rise.

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